DPW To Start Cutting Pavement and Sidewalk on Friday for Bump Out at Greenwich Ave and Elm Street

The Town of Greenwich, Department of Public Works, Engineering Division will start the intersection improvement project at Greenwich Avenue and Elm Street beginning Monday, March 22, 2021.

The contractor, FGB Construction, out of Norwalk, will work between 7:00am and 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Some preparatory work, such as sawcutting of pavement and sidewalk, may occur as early as Friday, March 19, 2021.

As for the mature 16″ Pin Oak on Greenwich Ave (by TD Bank) which was the subject of a public hearing, Tree Warden Dr. Greg Kramer ruled it come could down and be replaced with 7 new trees.

Of the seven new trees, five will be planted into newly created tree wells at locations to be determined and two trees will be planted into the newly created planting beds at the intersection of the Ave and Elm Street.

All even trees are to be no less than 3″ in caliper and the species will be willow oak.

DPW engineer Jason Kaufman said on Wednesday that there is an appeal to the tree warden’s decision pending.  The tree will not be cut until there is a resolution to that appeal.

The work involves installation of new curb extensions, “bump outs” to decrease pedestrian crossing distances, a new raised intersection (including decorative crosswalks), new planting beds, new sidewalks, new bike racks, new benches and relocated lighting, drainage and amenities (trash receptacles, newspaper stand).

The proposed construction is anticipated to last approximately 12 weeks, with each corner being substantially completed prior to moving to the next corner.

Final restoration of pavement and installation of landscaping is anticipated to occur during early June. All dates are dependent on weather and any unforeseen complications. Construction activities will occur while maintaining safe pedestrian and business entrance access.

The contractor will also utilize typical traffic control devices and uniformed traffic control personnel while maintaining at least alternating traffic during allowable work hours and full traffic access outside of allowable work hours.

Prior to working in a specific area, the street will be posted with “NO PARKING” signs. Please take notice of the posted signs in the Town’s right-of-way to be sure that vehicles are parked outside of the work area. Any vehicles that are not moved may be towed.

As noted, daily lane closures will occur and temporary traffic control devices will be installed to protect motorists and pedestrians. It is important for the safety of the public and the contractor’s staff that all pedestrians and drivers obey uniformed traffic control personnel and all posted traffic control devices.

It is the Town’s policy to keep people informed and involved when such projects are undertaken. The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works will work to make sure the public is informed and aware of project updates.

Please check the Town of Greenwich Public Works webpage for regular updates related to this project at:

We understand that there will be some inconveniences and we ask that you please be patient during this construction period. Anyone interested in obtaining further information can contact Jason Kaufman, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm via phone at 203-622-3839 or via email at [email protected]

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