Petrick: Arch Street/Greenwich Avenue Municipal Improvements May Be a Costly Mistake

Submitted by Leslie Petrick, Greenwich

Regarding the Arch Street/Greenwich Avenue Municipal Improvements, I know we have all been told “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”- that the Arch St. Municipal Improvement PLPZ2022 00301 will not cost the town a dime. Really? Is the state sending us a blank check? Because you know that what ever the original estimate was for this project will end up being double.

Has the state committed to those costs?

I bet if you add it all up we could pay for a crossing guard from the interest on that money alone.

And how about the other costs? That intersection is ground zero of the Historic District of Greenwich. That will be forever changed.

How do you put a price on trees that have grown for close to 100 years?  When you cut the ground 18 inches to put in granite curbing you cut tree roots, and the trees will end up dying.

I know that the Americans with Disabilities support this project. I want to know where they were when we were fighting to keep the traffic officers on the Avenue? Surely that was safer than the bump outs.

To cross the street pedestrians have to contend with 3-way stop signs and 4 lanes of traffic. Yes, there is a shorter distance to cross, but there is still a lot of confusion and potential danger in crossing the street. There are too many cars and too many people, even with the best wheel chair accessibility. 
There have been many experts – city planners – brought in to design this project. One thing is for certain – they love grids and 90 degree angles. Our town is hilly, it twists and turns-  imperfect-, but it is what makes Greenwich so beautiful.

For those who are thinking of voting in favor of this project I just have one thing to say. I hope these “experts” aren’t the same experts that “improved” the traffic flow at Husted Lane and North Maple Avenue. We don’t need another costly mistake.

Thank you,
Leslie Petrick 

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