Boat Operator Cleared of Negligent Operation in Greenwich Accident that Resulted in Emily Fedorko’s Death

Emily FedorkoOn Wednesday prosecutors in Stamford declined to prosecute the two infraction charges issued by Greenwich Police last summer against Elizabeth Lewis, now 18, in connection with her operation of a powerboat involved in the tragic death of Emily Fedorko on Aug. 6, 2014.

Instead, Lewis pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, an infraction for failing to carry a floatable throw-cushion appropriate for the length of the boat.  The plea was accepted by the Honorable Walter Flanagan and a $35 fine was imposed.

The plea was accepted by the Honorable Walter Flanagan and a $35 fine was imposed.

In July 2015, Greenwich Police completed their investigation into the boating accident that took place when four girls, all 15 and 16, were operating a privately owned 21-foot Wahoo center console recreational powerboat with a 200 horsepower outboard engine.

According to a statement from Greenwich Police last summer, investigators from the Marine Section, Detective Division, and marine accident experts at the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection invested hundreds of hours over the course of a year into an investigation of the accident, including meeting with maritime experts and members of each of the families directly involved.

After much consideration, and with the one year statute of limitations closing on some of the most likely charges, Greenwich Police investigators received word in July 2015 from the State Attorney Office for Juvenile Matters that only the boat’s operator, Elizabeth Lewis, of 6 Chapel Lane in Riverside, would be prosecuted for Violation of Boating Regulations, Requirements When Waterskiing – Insufficient and Rules Preventing Collision.

In late July, Ms. Lewis was issued an infraction complaint ticket with fines totaling $150.

On Thursday, attorney for Ms. Lewis indicated that after a lengthy investigation, the final infraction disposition cleared his client of any operation-related charges.

“While no one will ever be the same after this tragic accident, Elizabeth and her family are relieved to resolve this case with no criminal charges,” Mr. Sherman said in a statement. “They continue to express deep sympathy and compassion to all the families involved.”

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