Beach Pass, Maybe? Verify Your Residency through Parks & Rec Now.

It’s time to verify residency for all Parks & Rec programs and activities in 2019!

If you have already taken care of residency and renewals for 2019, Parks & Rec says you’re all set, but they remind residents that the prerequisite for participating in all Parks and Recreation offerings, including summer camps, youth and adult sports, facility rentals, park/beach pass, tee times, golf membership, etc, requires periodic Greenwich Residency Account Renewal process to remain active.

A Greenwich Residency Account includes all members of the Greenwich household.

Greenwich Residency renewals are required once annually during the calendar year.

Primary account holders are required to provide two proofs of residency.

Seniors with an active Senior Park/Beach Pass valid through December 31, 2019 are not required to provide proof of residency until the new senior residency/pass renewal cycle begins in 2020.

All other family members who will turn 25 years of age and older are required to provide one proof of residency.

Beginning January 1, of each year, residents with a Parks and Recreation Greenwich Residency Account may Click Here to login and upload documents.

All major credit cards accepted for purchases online.

Should you need customer service assistance, please e-mail: [email protected]

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