Music & Arts Opens on West Putnam Ave, Seeks to Offer Lessons

An upcoming P&Z application for a Site Plan in the CGBR Central Business Retail Zone for Music & Arts, a tenant on the first floor at 22 West Putnam Avenue is on the agenda for July 24.

Music & Arts is a chain with over 150 locations. Their website says they started in business in 1952 in Baltimore and specialize in instrument sales, rentals and repairs.

The website also says the business is the nation’s largest private music lesson provider and teaches over 1 million lessons per year. 

It is unclear whether the business can offer individual music lessons in Greenwich.

The site plan application submitted on June 11 refers to four small practice rooms. It describes Music & Arts as a retailer of instruments, sheet music and music accessories, and that an ancillary part of the business is to provide limited one-on-one music instruction in four small practice rooms in the store.

The application indicates that students can be dropped off along West Putnam Avenue.

Their application also states that because the property has a Rear Building Line and because the building contains less than 15,000 square feet of Floor Area, the parking requirements of Section 6-158 do not apply to either the existing Retail or proposed Personal Services uses.

The application also says there will be a maximum of 4 instructors per day, with each potentially teaching one student every half hour, with hours from 4:00-8:00pm Monday to Friday, 10:00-3:00 on Saturday and 12:00 noon to 4:00pm on Sunday.

The CGBR zone allows Use Group 1, which includes Personal Service Establishments like pharmacies, dry cleaners, restaurants, or retail stores, but does “not include offices or facilities of fitness clubs, healthcare professionals, or healthcare providers, training, fitness, recreational or educational facilities, such as but not limited to computer schools, martial arts or language schools, tutoring facilities, yoga classes, spinning classes and the like.”

The zoning regulations do not include a definition of a school.

That might be helpful in this case, as well as the upcoming proposed text amendment that would give a 30% bump to “educational institutions.” That is on the P&Z agenda for July 10.

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