AG Tong Launches Investigation into 3-Day Capulet Fest 2024 Music Festival

Attorney General William Tong on Tuesday opened an investigation into Capulet Entertainment following dozens of consumer complaints regarding the abrupt collapse of the three-day “Capulet Fest 2024″ music festival.

“We have received dozens of complaints from frustrated Capulet Fest ticket holders,” Attorney General Tong said in a release on Tuesday.

“Fans paid hundreds of dollars and booked campsites and overnight accommodates for an outdoor, three-day festival. That’s not what they got,” Tong added. “Capulet Entertainment needs to explain exactly how things went so wrong, and provide prompt refunds to every consumer they let down.”

The festival was intended to take place from June 28-30 at the Thompson Motor Speedway.

Ticket holders paid as much as $700 for a three-day pass to the festival, expecting to enjoy 50 different bands and food trucks at an outdoor festival.

Many ticket holders had arranged overnight accommodations, including campsites nearby.

One day before the start of the festival, Capulet moved the location 50 miles away to the Webster Theater in Hartford, a much smaller, indoor venue.

Many anticipated bands dropped out.

Capulet ultimately cancelled the final, third day of the festival. The Office of the Attorney General said they had received over 60 complaints from ticket holders who have unsuccessfully sought refunds from Capulet.

In an inquiry letter on Tuesday to Capulet, the Office of the Attorney sought information regarding concert promotions and planning, the reasons for the abrupt change in venue and cancellation of the third night, communications to Connecticut consumers regarding the venue change and cancellation, accounting of the festival revenues, and any refunds provided to date.