Letter: Where Was Sandy Litvack?

Letter to the editor from Carol Carol Zarrilli, October 24, 2017
One of our most important rights as a citizen is to vote. Not just in National Elections but more importantly in Local ones! Where you hang your hat is where your main concern for quality leadership should start. How will my tax dollars be spent, are our educational programs competitive, i.e., support new school construction, a progressive educational budget, programs for our senior citizens, quality beaches & parks and support Greenwich as a destination location with a new, soon to be expanded world class Bruce Museum.
Mr. Litvack moved to Greenwich in 2005 yet his local voting record is non-existent. He hasn’t voted in any Municipal Elections from 2006 through 2015, except once in 2013.
Where was Mr. Litvack’s concerns for moderate income housing, contaminated school fields, or charging stations for his Tesla (now apart of his big vision for Greenwich)? Where was Mr. Litvack’s civic mined participation for the past 10+ years?
Peter Tesei has been in the trenches hard at work making Greenwich a safe, great place to live.
I’m voting for experience, integrity and vision — vote for Peter Tesei, a tried  and true leader.
Carol Zarrilli
Greenwich, CT