Letter: Teens recognize that a just society is founded on the principles of freedom of press and freedom of speech

Letter to the Editor submitted by Anne Beaty responding to Berrin Snyder’s letter to the editor of published March 25, 2018

In the lobby of our hotel last Friday evening, we watched Marjory Stone Douglas students from Parkland, Florida make posters and rehearse speeches in preparation for the March for Our Lives in Washington DC.

On the train to and from DC, we met pre-teens who lost brothers and mothers to gun violence, and teens who walked out of their schools on March 14th.

They were not children lacking sufficient years “to know the facts,” as the opinion piece implies.

They did not “want to be left alone.”

They wanted to raise their voices and act on viable “solutions and ideas.”

These “precious” beings had already recognized that a just society is founded on the principles of freedom of press and freedom of speech.

To not speak out against an injustice is immoral. What an incredible lesson to learn in high school.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Beaty

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