Letter: Frantz Seeks a Fiscally Sound Growing Economy

Letter to the editor from Irene Dietrich, submitted October 24, 2016

A man with a clear vision, Senator Scott Frantz represents the 36th District of Greenwich, Stamford and part of New Canaan. He seeks a fiscally sound growing economy. Scott brings his entrepreneurial expertise to the fore and works with diligence towards changing the future of our state.

Senator Frantz has been a member of the General Assembly in Hartford since 2008. The Democrats held a majority of 24 seats, the Republicans – 12. During his terms he has authored close to one hundred bills that have been passed into law. Clearly, this shows his ability to work towards what is best for Connecticut.

Our Senator has long advocated for budget reform and specific economic goals which would, of course, include cutting spending.

He is currently the deputy minority leader and ranking member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding and Transportation Committees. His continued participation on these committees ensures we will achieve the changes necessary to bring new growth and stability to Connecticut.

We have a chance to change the political scale in Hartford. Fiscal balance and prosperity are within our reach. We need to return Senator Scott Frantz, a man with a clear mission of a growing economy for the State of Connecticut, to Hartford. Please join me in voting for him on November 8th!

Irene Dietrich
District #8 RTM

Note: The deadline to submit to the editor in support of a candidate for the Nov. 8 election is Friday, October 28.