Democratic Caucus of the BET: Blankley is focused on infrastructure renewal, unfunded pension liabilities and job creation

Letter to the editor submitted by the Democratic Caucus of the BET, Oct. 24, 2016

To the Editor,

We, the undersigned members of the Democratic caucus of Greenwich’s Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET), are writing this letter in support of John Blankley’s campaign for State Senate. John is our colleague on the BET and we wish to attest to his qualities as a thoughtful, hardworking, intelligent and principled member of our board.

We believe he will make an enormous contribution to solving the problems currently facing the State of Connecticut in the same way that he has contributed greatly to managing the Town of Greenwich’s financial affairs on the BET.

John is focused on the big issues: infrastructure renewal, unfunded pension liabilities and job creation. He brings major corporate and business experience to these tasks and valuable insights, all of which are highly relevant to Connecticut’s financial restructuring and job creation needs. He has handled budgets larger than our state budget. He has managed large capital market offerings, negotiated with unions in a corporate takeover and started a business from scratch that now, 16 years later, is a multi-million dollar enterprise with dozens of employees here in Connecticut.

Finally, working across the aisle is going to be the only way to achieve lasting success. John repeatedly has demonstrated his ability to work cooperatively and effectively on a number of the town’s new projects, from MISA to the Byram Pool.

We are honored to give our unqualified support to John in his campaign for the State Senate.

Please join us in voting for John on November 8th!

Mary Lee Kiernan

Beth Krumeich

Leslie Moriarty

Jill Oberlander

Jeff Ramer