Camillo: People of Greenwich Rise to the Occasion During COVID-19

Letter to the editor from First Selectman Fred Camillo

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Greenwich for rising to the occasion during this national public health emergency and international pandemic. Whether adhering to park and beach closures, respecting physical distances, donating time and money to those most negatively impacted, and or contacting me with ideas to assist the collective effort, our Town’s residents have shown why Greenwich is second to none when it comes to civic spirit.

I would like to salute those on the front lines of this battle, namely the first responders, healthcare workers, and those who keep our buildings clean and sanitized. Without this cooperative approach, our community would be in a much worse place than it is right now. Their courage, determination, civic pride and selfless spirit will be remembered long after this silent and indiscriminate scourge has vanished from our land.

I salute the employees of our Parks & Recreation Department who have been monitoring our parks and open spaces to ensure that this virus doesn’t spread like wildfire. Likewise, our Health Department has been working nonstop to not only track and monitor patients and cases, but to provide daily updates. Their efforts at this time are critical to our ability to slow down the virus.

Hats off to the private golf clubs that took precaution and closed in the name of safety so that the virus didn’t have a chance at all to spread on the local links. These institutions put long-term community safety over short-term pleasure, and for that, we are grateful.

While we continue our vigilance to protocols, please don’t forget to patronize our local businesses. Our local tradesmen, service businesses, retailers, and other practices and companies stand ready to deliver their services and products, even if delivered in a different way.

Regarding local restaurants, we can order delivery, take-out, or even purchase gift certificates so that these establishments that take care of us in good times, are not forgotten by us in their time of need.

This is a defining moment for our country, our state, our town. How we respond to this crisis will become a big part of our legacy.

Together, we will come out of this stronger, more efficient, solidly united and better prepared for the future.

So, let’s stay apart now, so we can be together in that future.

Fred Camillo
First Selectman