Greenwich Covid Update: 3 More Deaths and 135 More Positive Cases Since Last Week

On Wednesday afternoon Governor Lamont gave a press conference and congratulated Miguel Cardona, CT’s education Commissioner, who was nominated by President Elect Biden for to be the Education Secretary.

“Miguel did us proud when he pointed out how important public education is,” Lamont said. “So it’s been his life, as he called it ‘the great equalizer.’ He he was principal at the school where he was a student. He was principal of the year and he’s American as apple pie, and rice and beans. That’s what Miguel Cardona said. We’re so proud of you.”

“I’m urging you caution. There are a lot of people flying in and out. It’s very important that you try not to fly unless you have to. And if you do, test and quarantine so we can make sure we’re on the back side of December holidays.”

Lamont said there was no need for additional restrictions at the moment because there was some stability in Connecticut.

“The most important thing we can have you do is have you stay close to home,” he said. “If you look around those places that stirred up the most around Thanksgiving were the places with the most mobility – where they had the most people flying in and out.”

Lamont said 16,487 doses of Covid-19 vaccine had been administered in CT.

There were 76 locations administering vaccines this week to healthcare workers.

Also, he said Pfizer signed an agreement with Operation Warp Speed to double supply, though he said it might not be until later in the winter or early spring.

“That means we’ll be able to accelerate the continuing vaccines for phase 1b and 1c – 1b is frontline responders, and 1c is folks 65 and older,” he said.

Greenwich COVID-19 numbers as of Wednesday, Dec 23, 2020:

• Total COVID-19-positive among Greenwich residents:  2,245, (up 135 from Dec 15)

• Active cases: 133, (up 24 from Dec 15)

• Resident deaths: 63, (up 3 from Dec 15)

• Greenwich Hospital has 41 cases in house.

Hospitalizations: COVID-19 Hospitalizations. This chart shows the number of patients hospitalized in Connecticut with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 by day. These data are collected by the Connecticut Hospital Association, beginning on March 28, 2020. Source: CT Dept of Public Health
Deaths: Number of Covid-19 deaths by date in CT. Source: CT Dept of Public Health
Covid Tests by date in CT. Source: CT Dept of Public Health
Number of COVID-19 Tests by Date of Specimen Collection

According to data from the State, testing for COVID-19 has increased over the course of the pandemic.

Both the availability of supplies needed to perform the tests and the number of laboratories performing tests have increased.

There are different kinds of tests for COVID-19. This graph shows the number of molecular and antigen tests reported to CT Dept of Public Health by the date the specimen was collected. Fewer people are tested on Saturdays and Sundays compared to Monday through Friday.

Click here to find a no-cost testing site. If you need further help or have questions about getting tested, please dial 2-1-1.

Race and Ethnicity: Crude Death Rate per 100,000. (NH = non Hispanic). Source: CT Dept of Public Health

In Connecticut as of Wednesday:

• 170,705 Positive cases (up 1,745 since Tuesday)

• 5,736 deaths (up 33 since Tuesday)

• 1,155 hospitalized (down 4 since Tuesday)

•The daily positivity rate: 6.08% (28,699 tests were administered and 1,745 came back positive – 6.08% rate)

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