Rufus Is a Purebred Bullmastiff, Meet Him at the Clear the Shelters Event, Aug 18

Meet Rufus, a two-year-old Bullmastiff who exudes 150 lbs of friendliness the moment you meet him. Rufus, who is on a diet, was surrendered by his owners on Long Island who could no longer keep him. Calm and gentle, this boy is used to living in a home and should fit right in with a new family.

Is your family the one for Rufus? He is super sweet and loves to hang out with small dogs.

Meet Rufus, a purebred Bullmastiff who is 2 and lived with a family who could no longer keep him. He should have an easy transition to a new home.

“He used to go to dog park and go in with the area with the small dogs  because he is scared of the big dogs. Inf act, now his favorite dog here is a Pomeranian,” said Tara the Shelter & Behavior Manager at Adopt a Dog. “He has lived his whole life in a home where his family adored him. We expect Rufus will have an easy transition to a new home.”

You can meet Rufus this Saturday, August 18 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Adopt a Dog’s Clear the Shelters event, which is part of a nationwide adoption event. During the event adoption fees will be waived.

For a smaller shelter like Adopt-A-Dog, Clear the Shelters is a fantastic opportunity to reach new adopters. Having even just one dog go home that day is a step towards clearing the shelter.

Adopt-A-Dog’s mission is to save, socialize and secure loving homes for unwanted or abandoned dogs. Clear the Shelters helps them work toward accomplishing that mission.

Please send all interested inquiries to [email protected] or (914) 273-1674.

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