Adopt A Dog’s Angelica Loves to Play Fetch, Meet Her at “Clear the Shelters” Event Aug 18

Meet sweet Angelica. This Labrador/Greyhound mix is about 7 years old, but is has the energy of a much younger dog.

During our visit this week, she brought us the soccer ball and said, “Let’s play.” She is house broken and nicely trained. Her  vaccinations are up to date, and she has been spayed. She’d prefer to be the only pet, but she is great with children.

According to Tara, the Shelter & Behavior Manager at Adopt-A-Dog, Angelica has been at Adopt a Dog for about a year.

“She’s the executive director’s office dog,” Tara said, adding that Angelica is a volunteer favorite who loves to run around with volunteers.

Angelica was given her name as part of a batch of dogs named after the Rugrats animated TV show. “She’s the last one in the Rugrats group,” Tara said.

Angelica was originally from West Virginia. She was adopted to a loving home where she lived for 7 years, but the family returned her when they could no longer afford to care for her.  “She is ready to go into a home,” Tara said.

She is super friendly and loves people. She would be great in a family with children.

You can meet Angelica this Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Adopt a Dog’s Clear the Shelters event, which is part of a nationwide adoption event. During the event adoption fees will be waived.

For a smaller shelter like Adopt-A-Dog, Clear the Shelters is a fantastic opportunity to reach new adopters. Having even just one dog go home that day is a step towards clearing the shelter.

Adopt-A-Dog’s mission is to save, socialize and secure loving homes for unwanted or abandoned dogs. Clear the Shelters helps them work toward accomplishing that mission.

Please send all interested inquiries to [email protected] or (914) 273-1674.