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P&Z Watch: Denial for Application Involving Parking in Front Yard in R6 Zone

An applicant wanted to construct an addition to connect a back yard accessory structure to the main dwelling, converting it from a single-family to a two-family. The issue was screening additional parking in the front yard with landscaping. Section 6-155 says that parking and parking aisles shall be prohibited within the required front yard unless the Commission finds that the parking and parking aisles are adequately screened by landscaping. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Feedback on Oak Ridge 8-30g: How is this good for the town?

“I’m seeing such a tight development. What should give hints of green space, there is a little patio and it’s sitting on top of a parking garage. That’s pretty much it. You have low affordability, you have no outside space, and you’re basically building to the edges.”– Margarita Alban Continue Reading →

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