Lauren Hagerty

Wife, Mom to one middle-schooler and one elementary-aged child, two dogs (and a partridge in a pear tree, just kidding!) In the spare time I rarely have, I enjoy yoga, reading (mostly health books), shopping (even food shopping if it's not too crowded), cooking (not baking!), gardening but most of all being a mom!

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MOMTOURAGE: Tales of Horror from the Laundry Room

“There are the ski socks, half socks, slip-proof socks, gifted and free socks, playdate socks (aka socks leftover from unidentified little friends), and small mittens that somehow get mixed in with socks….And don’t get me started on black socks. They all look the same. They’re like a big black hole that I can’t climb out of.” – Momtourage Continue Reading →

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