This Mother’s Day and Always, I Am Proud of You!

By Lauren Lauren Hagerty, Momtourage

“I am proud of you.” Those five words were often said to me by my late father-in-law, who consistently commended my efforts as a mother. Back then, I was a stay-at-home mom, new to parenting, and hearing those words from him, always filled my heart with joy.

Coming from someone I had so much respect for, not only as a person but also as a parent, being acknowledged by him meant everything to me. I took great pride in my role as a mother but, at times, would doubt myself and wonder if I was doing things correctly as a parent. His words invariably gave me a renewed sense of self-esteem.

Aside from my father-in-law, it wasn’t often that the other people in my life noticed or commented on my efforts as a mother, with a few exceptions. My parents were more of the type who liked to offer advice to show their support rather than compliments. Their method was benevolent, also. Maybe they believed I was confident in the job I was doing as a parent and didn’t need verbal, emotional support?

As most moms know, we are not always assured, and we often feel like we are failing in some way, shape, or form in some facet of our lives, whether it be parenting, relationships, or our career. My father-in-law seemed to innately understand that no matter how old you are or how confident you believe someone is, words of encouragement are always needed.

Sadly, I lost my father-in-law about eight years ago, and I often ponder the thoughts: what would he think about the mothering I am doing today? Is he still proud of me?

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I gathered a list of ways that those around us are proud of the moms in their life; from daughters, sons, spouses, parents, and in-laws: 

“Mom, I am proud of you because you are always encouraging us, and you make us feel loved and cared for.” – Monreaux, daughter, age 12

“Mom, I am proud of your strength and for doing what you had to do to keep our family going in difficult times.” – Elizabeth, daughter 

“Mom, we are proud of you for showing us how to appreciate life, love your family, and make the best out of everything! We are also very proud of your “impressive” TikTok dances.” – Dakota and Canyon, daughter and son

“Mom, I am proud of you for being such a fabulous role model for me. You put yourself through college once I was of school age and graduated with honors. On top of that, you worked full time and raised me as a single parent in my early years- job well done there if I do say so myself- and for maintaining your beautiful blonde locks through it all because let’s be real, I know that I gave you a run for your money in my teenage years. Love you as big as the sky!” – Erica, daughter

“Mom, I am proud of you just because you are an amazing mom. You always listen to me, and you’re very understanding. Love you to the moon and back!” – Ava, daughter, age 11

“Mom, I am proud that everything you touch turns to magic. Thank you for making my life beautiful and for the love you give.” – Julianne, daughter

“Mom, I am proud of you because I love you.” – Alexa, daughter, age 6

“Mom, I am proud of you because you love with your whole heart.” – Kim, daughter

“Stephanie, I am proud of you because you are truly a loving and dedicated mom and wife. You have been an amazing role model for our kids, and we admire your passion and dedication. We would be lost without you, but thankfully you are our family’s beacon of love and light guiding us to find our True North.” – Sam, husband 
“Kerrie, I am proud of you because of your dedication to our family and the amount of time and effort you contribute to it for the happiness of our kids.” – Bryan, husband

“Diane, I am proud of you because you are not only my big sister, but you have always been like a mother to me. In some of the toughest times of my life, I could not have made it through without you. Thank you for all that you are.” – Linda, sister

“Mom, I am proud of you for being the caring, loving, and strong mother that you are.” – Vincent, son 
“Margaret, I am so proud of the mother you are and how well you are raising my grandchildren. I could not have hoped to have a better daughter-in-law, you handle things so well, although I know how difficult being a mother can be.” – Susan, Mother-in-law

“Marie, we are so proud of the amazing mom that you are. You are the best mother we know, so keep being your fun-loving and caring self!” – Anthony & Lucy, parents

“Mom, I am proud of you because you are always caring. Whenever I fight with my sister, you always find a way to solve it where we both end up happy.” – Chuck, son

There is no better feeling than knowing you are appreciated and that someone out there is proud of you. It fills your soul in a way that even proof of your accomplishments can’t. 

To my late father-in-law, Ed; thank you for always acknowledging, encouraging, and believing in me as a mother. It meant more to me than I ever had the chance to express.

For those who need to say that they are proud of someone – don’t hesitate, life is short, and your words can mean everything to someone you love. And for those of you that need to hear it, but have not yet, I am proud of you! 

Momtourage Media would like to give a special thanks to those who shared their feelings for this article. We all appreciate your beautiful words of love and encouragement.