Suggested Locations Sought for Byram Street Tree Planting Initiative

In a three way partnership with the Town, the Greenwich Tree Conservancy and the Byram Neighborhood Association are launching a  2019 street tree planting initiative.

The Town of Greenwich will provide 40 – 50 trees for planting. The Greenwich Tree Conservancy will provide tree planting services. And the Byram Neighborhood Association will locate viable sites for the trees.

Residents of Byram are asked to contact the BNA with suggestions for locations for new trees.

Byram residents interested in having a tree planted in their neighborhood or suggest a location should contact the BNA: [email protected]

The timeframe for planting new trees in Byram is this spring and fall.

Smaller growing trees will be planted when there is limited space or overhead utility line.  Large growing shade (canopy) trees will be selected where space is available. Some of the trees will be native such as Oak, Red Maple, Shad, and Hawthorne trees.

According to, trees soften hardscapes, buffer pedestrians from moving vehicles, and create “outdoor rooms” that are pleasing to walk through.

Street trees help to reduce traffic speeds, reduce the load on drainage infrastructure by absorbing precipitation, remove millions of tons of CO2 emissions annually, and extend pavement life with their shade. They also increase property values.