Parks & Rec: Greenwich Pt Beach Concession Re-Build Is in the Works

By Leslie Yager

At Wednesday’s Parks & Recreation Board meeting at Innis Arden Cottage, Director Joe Siciliano gave a summary of progress on reconstructing the Greenwich Point beach concession. The building was decimated in October, 2012 during Hurricane Sandy.

Siciliano said delays to the anticipated schedule resulted from more than one complication.

The Parks & Rec Director said delays resulted from an initial deliberation as to whether it was wise to rebuild in what is a flood zone. “We had to go for variances through P&Z to get permission to build at the existing site,” he said. “That complicated things when the zone actually got changed. And there was the issue of does the town want to take responsibility for any future damage?” Siciliano said.


Beach concession building at Tod’s Point, November, 2012, post-Hurricane Sandy. Credit: Leslie Yager

“We have applied for a building permit,the plans have been submitted, comments have come back from the plan review folks, some adjustments to the building construction have to be made,” Siciliano said, adding that he hoped the permit might come through in the next 30days.

“We have been getting price quotes from contractors,” he said. “That’s been in the works since we had good drawings.”

“It just took twice as long as we expected,” Siciliano said. “To get through the paperwork, and through all of the zoning and state and other agencies we had to get approvals from.”


Beach concession building after waves pounded through its walls during Hurricane Sandy in Oct. 2012. Credit: Leslie Yager

As for insurance, Siciliano said the Town has insurance policies that cover the Town’s buildings. “We just negotiated with a new insurance company,” he said. “We have a new policy with a new insurance company.”

“The money is secure,” the Parks & Recreation director said. “It’s been approved by the RTM. Money has been raised by the conservancy. The contractors are pricing things out. We’re waiting to get the final permit issued.”

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