Nature Walk in Pomerance Park Highlights Woodland Trees and Animals

In partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation and Friends of Pomerance, Pinetum & Tuchman Park, Dr. Greg Kramer, the Town Tree Warden, led  community members on a nature walk Saturday in Pomerance Park.

Dr. Kramer highlighted the town’s woodland trees and the animals (especially moths and butterflies) that make their living in our forests and provide food for birds to feed their young this spring season.

Afterwards Dina Quevedo, a junior at Greenwich High School, stayed to help save a large oak near the old ruins at the top of the hill from the bridge. This gigantic oak is being smothered by an invasive vine, commonly known as wintercreeper. Wintercreeper is an evergreen vine that grows up trees, shading their leaves from the sun and overwhelming them with their sheer weight.

Dina Quevedo, a junior at Greenwich High School, helped save a large Oak Tree at

Dina points out the vine and the cuts she made to kill it back away from the tree.
Dina used saws and clippers to cut the vine away from the tree. Later on as the vine dies and dries out it will be safe to pull down from the tree without damaging it.
Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei) is planted as a ground cover in the suburban landscape, but has quickly invaded our forests and many of our Town trees. Avoid purchasing or planting this vine at all costs because it spreads easily through its copious seeds.
Many thanks to Dina Quevedo for helping to save a mighty oak from this invasive beast.

Dina Quevedo works to free this mighty oak from an invasive vine.

Join us this coming Wednesday, April 13, 9:00am to 12:00 Noon, for a tree and shrub planting day as we restore our woodlands with the native plants that have been displaced by invasives like wintercreeper.

Meet in the parking lot at the Orchard Street entrance to Pomerance Park.
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