MOMTOURAGE: Toddler Tantrums!

Dear Momtourage,
I’m not sure what happened to my sweet toddler daughter, Ava, who just turned three?
But she’s picky, demanding & she is misbehaving. Any advice?
-Karen, Riverside, Connecticut

Dear Karen,
Hang in there, this phase will soon end, and you will get back your sweet, adorable little girl. The sassiness is at an all-time high beginning somewhere from two and a half to three years old and ending around four-four and a half. Toddlers at this time have strong emotions but are overwhelmed by them and have a difficult time expressing themselves.

I remember when my daughter was that age, she was super sassy and particular! Just try to remember that this is just a phase; it in no way shape or form means that your daughter is going to grow up and be this person. I have proof, my daughter is now ten, and she’s a sweet, caring, kind young lady!

To help with the management of outbursts and rebellion, try giving options/choices, so they feel they have control. For a while during this period, my daughter would insist on wearing these crazy outfits to preschool. I was so embarrassed that I told the teacher one day, “umm just want you to know, I did not pick this outfit out.” She responded, “I know!”

In her head, she was probably thinking, does she seriously think I thought an adult would dress a kid in rainboots, a crazy sparkly hat, a scarf, and some tutu? Yikes! Ummm…NO!

Anyway, hang in there – in a mom’s world the days are long but the years go fast! You will be out of this phase in no time!

Sending you hugs and strength,
The Momtourage

P.S. And maybe this is just a little foreshadowing of what the teen years may bring?! We are kidding, not kidding!

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