Mark Pruner to Speak at RMA: The Greenwich Real Estate Market, Trends Impacting Prices

Mark PrunerOn Wednesday, March 27 Marc Pruner will speak at the RMA at 11:00am. His topic is the Greenwich real estate market.

The Greenwich real estate market is a $1.4 billion market that shapes much of life in Greenwich. We have more high-end houses than the rest of the state combined. Greenwich has a broad spectrum of housing types and price ranges that attracts a diverse population.

Much of the vitality of Greenwich comes from this varied population from many different backgrounds and national origins. At the same time changes in the state and federal tax law, laws in Hartford and changing taste are roiling the market and affecting prices, but in different ways in different neighborhoods.

Come hear Mark Pruner speak about what is going on in the market and what trends are shaping value of houses in Greenwich. He will also talk about how each neighborhood is doing and how values are likely to change with the 2020 revaluation.

Mark writes a real estate column in the Greenwich Sentinel and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes and Fortune, and had appeared on Bloomberg TV, WCBS-AM and Channel 12 News.

Mark has served on the RTM (Finance and Education Committees), Board of Tax Appeals, Board of Social Services, Greenwich Land Trust, Round Hill Association, Greenwich Bar Association.

He worked as a real estate attorney for many years and was the Assistant General Counsel for Aquarion whose 24,000 acres make them the largest private landowner in Connecticut.

The Greenwich Retired Men’s Association offers a free program every Wednesday that is open to the public, both men and women.

No reservations are required. The RMA’s social break starts at 10:40am followed promptly by the featured speaker at 11:00am.

Programs are at the First Presbyterian Church, 1 West Putnam in Greenwich.