Greenwich Farmers Market Featured Vendor: Moorefield Herb Farm

Meet Nancy Moore, stalwart of the Greenwich Farmers Market who travels from her six acre farm in Trumbull, Moorefield Herb Farm, bring a unique blend of herbs, succulents and heirloom tomatoes to Horseneck lot. She was also a presence at the winter farmers market last winter at Arch Street Teen Center.

Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore greeted regulars and new customers at opening day of the Greenwich Farmer’s Market on May 16, 2015 at Horseneck Lot. Credit: Leslie Yager

Nancy said her most popular items are her herbs and heirloom tomato plants. But to leave it there would be to understate what she brings to Greenwich every Saturday from 9:30 to 1:00pm. She sells succulents in small packs, or in artful arrangements inside rustic faux cement containers.

string of pearls

Nancy Moore’s variety of succulents includes Snecio Rowleyanus or simply, “String of Pearls,” which she said will cascade over the sides of a container and lend a unique touch to an arrangement. Credit: Leslie Yager

Moorefield Herb Farm

Nancy Moore of Moorefield Herb Farm at opening day of Greenwich Farmers Market on May 16. Credit: Leslie yager


Lovage is a hardy perennial that will grow to a height of 8 ft. “It’ll even push through the snow in the spring,” Moore said. “IT smells of celery and it’s good in soups and stews.”

On opening day of the Greenwich Farmers Market, Nancy embraced a steady flow of customers, many who return faithfully year after year for their favorite herbs and plants.

She takes time to answer questions and tell the unique story of, for example, her Mojito Mint. “This mint is Cuban,” she said. “It’s the original mint in Mojitos.”

Of one humble looking herb, she explained that it is Lovage, a hardy perennial that grows to 8 ft high. “It’ll even push through the snow in the spring,” she said. “I’ve had one in place for 40 years. It smells of celery and it’s good in soups and stews,” she added, pointing out that the plant’s stems are hollow, making them ideal to put in a Bloody Mary.

Nancy’s farm and greenhouse are located in Trumbull, where she makes her magic happen. She not only grows a wide variety of herbs and heirloom tomatoes, but fashions her arrangements of succulent varieties in vintage looking containers that her son makes.

The containers are made from combination of cement, perlite and peat moss, which gives them a rustic look. The arrangements don’t need constant watering and make a thoughtful gift.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.36.08 AM

Nancy got the gardening bug when she was a young girl. She recalls her mother would tuck hens and chicks into crevices in the stonewalls. “And my father was an organic gardener long before it became fashionable,” she said. “He grew vegetables and heirloom tomatoes.”

These days Nancy and her son are keeping busy. The farm is thriving, and Nancy adds a unique twist to the Greenwich Farmers Market every Saturday from 9:30am til 1:00pm.

Find Moorefield Herb Farm on Facebook.

Hens and Chicks

Packets of “Hens and Chicks” for sale at Nancy Moore’s table at the Greenwich Farmers Market on Saturday. The succulent will return every year if planted outside. It will also multiply. Credit: Leslie Yager

hens and chicks

“Hens and Chicks” are a succulent that are versatile enough to add value to a container arrangement, or be tucked into crevices in a stone wall. They’re perennials and come back every year. Credit: Leslie Yager

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