Recovery is a Family Matter: 10th Annual Recovery Celebration at Richards

On Thursday, September 28, the 10th Annual Recovery Celebration was held at Richards with the theme “Family Matter(s).”

As Ingrid Gillespie, Director of Prevention at Liberation Programs, shared in her opening remarks, this theme was chosen to highlight the importance that the family plays in an individual’s recovery journey. The evening included music from Joe Kiernan and the Pivot Ministries choir as well as many speakers sharing their recovery stories.

Tracey Masella, LCSW, served as emcee and noted the many people in her family who matter and inspire her. Among them, she mentioned her father-in-law who had over 40 years committed to sobriety personally and professionally. “Recovery is a family matter,” she said.

The keynote speaker, Zac Clark, Founder and CEO of Release Recovery, spoke of his own journey as a person in long-term recovery and its effect on his family. Zac shared powerfully his moment of clarity that led to getting to “live a life beyond my wildest dreams.”

In closing Mr. Clark said that “when one person recovers, the rest of the family can recover.”

Scott Mitchell of Richards and his father, Bill Mitchell, echoed this sentiment as they shared their family’s story of recovery, resilience, and love. Dr. Maggie Young, Chief Recovery Officer at Liberation Programs, had the honor of presenting an award to Domus for their incredible work, which was accepted by Erica Newton, Co-Director of Domus Knights. In keeping with tradition, the event concluded with a celebration of years of Recovery in the room.

Attendees were asked to note their days, months, or years in Recovery. Robert Curry, Founder of Women Empowering Women Institute, announced the total. At the 10th Annual Recovery Celebration, there was over 878 years of Recovery in the room.

Thank you to the supporting partners: Adventure Recovery, CCAR, Glorious Recovery Foundation, Greenwich Hospital, High Focus, The Hub CT, Liberation Programs, The Lighthouse, Mountainside, Newport Healthcare, Pivot Ministries, Progressive Institute, Ram Council, Release Recovery, Silver Hill Hospital, Turnbridge, and Women Empowering Women Institute.