Garden Catering Announces Nugs Not Hugs – Holiday Edition

When Covid-19 first hit, Tina and Frank Carpenteri, siblings and co
owners of Garden Catering, committed to donating 20,000 meals through their Nugs Not Hugs program.

That number has long since been eclipsed as the local family owned business plans to donate 64,000 meals by the end of 2020. The local chain, known for its hand-cut chicken nuggets, has committed to extending their giving through a new campaign called “Nugs Not Hugs – Holiday Edition.”

The Nugs Not Hugs Holiday Edition aims to provide full holiday meals to 500 local families in collaboration with local non-profits Greenwich United Way, Carver Center, Food Rescue & Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen.

Garden Catering’s Frank Carpenteri, Tina Carpenteri and Zino Carr.

Garden Catering kicked off “Nugs Not Hugs-Holiday Edition” by providing 83 families with full Thanksgiving spreads last week and starting December 1st guests will be encouraged to make a donation to help continue the giving efforts through the Holiday Season. Dinners include sliced white meat turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetables.

A $9 contribution will cover the cost of one person’s meal and an entire family can be funded with a donation of $54.

Garden Catering is also offering the option to Buy One & Give One.

For $99 you can send a family a holiday dinner and choose a family meal for your family from one of Garden Catering’s family friendly options including Parmesan Chicken Cutlets, Beef Stir Fry and Chipotle Shredded Chicken, to name a few.

“Since 1978 Garden Catering has made giving back to the community a priority. In the last several years we have donated over $400,000 through our fundraising programs,” said Tina Carpenteri, owner of Garden Catering.

“When the pandemic hit, my brother Frank and I knew we had to help in a creative way and so our Nugs Not Hugs program was born,” she added. “Our initial goal was to donate 20,000 meals, but as the pandemic raged on, we knew those in need were still struggling, so we committed to our partners that our giving would continue. The Holiday edition seemed so natural as families in our communities are under so much stress and might not be able to afford a proper holiday meal.”

Donations can be made at or added to any on-line order in the Garden Catering App.

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