GHS Grad’s Girl Scout Gold Award Project Features Fun, Food and Fitness!

Phoebe Daur, an Ambassador Girl Scout, has recently completed running and organizing an after school program called “Fun, Food and Fitness” at the International School at Dundee.

She is on her way to earning the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Phoebe wanted to work with children on how to choose healthy foods and to get exercise while having fun, showing them that keeping your body healthy can be enjoyable.

She met weekly with kids ages 8-10 after school on Fridays and taught them about the vitamins in fruits and vegetables and what each one does for your body. She also taught them about the importance of sleep and about how your pulse/heart rate changes when moving the body.

Phoebe created a binder with lesson plans from each class, fun exercise games to play, and the types of foods with their benefits. Some of the games were Capture the Flag, basketball, red light-green light, and a treasure hunt.

Phoebe is a graduating senior at Greenwich High School. She has been supported by her troop, friends, family, the staff at The International School at Dundee, and her Gold mentor on this project.

She is preparing to submit her final report to Girl Scouts of Connecticut and expects to have her final interview over the summer.