Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Brightens Facility with Help from Eversource and Energize Connecticut

Eversource, Boys & Girls Club

State Representative Mike Bocchino; Dave Marroney, Contractor, Controlled Air., Inc; Bobby Walker, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich; Ron Araujo, Manager of Energy Efficiency, Eversource; and State Representative Fred Camillo. About Energize Connecticut

The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich (BGCG) recently worked with Eversource on a series of energy efficiency improvements to their lighting and ventilation systems.

“The Boys & Girls Club wanted to preserve the historic feel of their building but looked to us for help with enhancing and upgrading their outdated equipment,” said Ron Araujo, Manager of Energy Efficiency at Eversource. “Together, we identified lighting replacements and HVAC modifications that would give them the greatest return on investment.”

“For quite some time, we knew this building was leaking energy everywhere,” said Bobby Walker, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich. “Our HVAC system was inefficient, our lighting was dim, and our bulbs were using lots of energy.”

Eversource-authorized contractor, Controlled Air, Inc, replaced the existing lighting with LEDs, and variable frequency drive controls were installed to manage the speed and energy usage put out by the HVAC fans. Now, BGCG is expected to see $41,000 in annual savings.

“We’ll make our money invested into the project back in under two years. For a non-profit, that’s huge,” Walker said. “The atmosphere in the building is brighter. Members always comment on the new and improved lighting in the hallways and rooms. It’s more comfortable for all of us.”

State Representatives Mike Bocchino and Fred Camillo, along with Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei, recently joined Eversource to see the Boiys & Girls Club’s energy efficiency first-hand.

“I used to come here as a youth, and I remember not being able to see the ball when I played hockey,” Bocchino said. “When I saw the new, energy-efficient lights go on today, I was amazed.”

“This is a historic yet valuable facility in our community,” Bocchino continued. “We need it. our kids need it. Partnerships with Eversource will allow incredible savings year-after-year, which will be huge for this important organization.”

The Club plans to look at additional energy-efficient opportunities. “Our current boilers are effective but not efficient, so that’s something we have an eye on for the future,” Walker said.