Christ Church to Host: “Raising Successful, Balanced Children and Youth in an Affluent World”

Christ Church is hosting a forum, ““Raising Successful, Balanced Children and Youth in an Affluent World”” on Sunday, January 23, 11:15 am in Parish Hall

The talk is free and in-person. Masks are mandatory. Windows will be open.
Or use the following Livestream link:

Join us to hear a panel of five Professional Educators:
• Adam Rhodie, Head of School, Greenwich Country Day School
• Mary Grandville, Principal, Parkway School
• Bobby Walker, Assistant Head for Student and Community Life, Greenwich Academy
• Debbie Smith, Educator, Greenwich High School
• Ann Neary, Educator, Staples High School
• Lydia Marchese, Christ Church Youth Minister

This high-level panel will speak about how we can shape the mental, social, physical, spiritual, and moral development of our children and grandchildren.

When it comes to raising balanced, caring children with good values, some say it starts in the home. But what about the influence of their friends? Studies say children begin to consider other people’s feelings and have empathy by age three.

As parents, or as grandparents, trying to do the best for our children and grandchildren, how do we help them navigate with so much turbulence and entitlement swirling around them? How do we teach our children empathy, good values and a strong work ethic?

Join us for what is sure to be a helpful conversation with a panel of five professionals who navigate families and children through these waters every day.

More info and a link to livestream on the Christ Church website

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