Six Greenwich High School Students Win Earth Day Competition

The Southwestern Connecticut Chapter of the United Nations Association recently announced the winners of their 51st annual Mother Earth Day Competition.

Among the winners were 5 GHS freshmen and one sophomore:

·       Diego Ayala, Freshman (website)

·       Josephine Bai, Freshman (poster)

·       Emma Harvey, Freshman (video)

·       Maya Ito, Freshman (poster)

·       Audrey Lin, Freshman (slide presentation)

·       Madeline Minichetti, Sophomore (poster)

The program said in a statement, “Congratulations to all entrants who praised protections for mother earth’s remaining wild places, promoted activism, supported people working together for a common good.  A habitable planet with clean water, air, biodiversity can be our shared destiny if we organize and act while there are places to protect and ecologies to nurture and restore.”

GHS English Teacher Ms. Laura Blumental Burdick said, “Congratulations to our student winners who used various creative forms to pay a lovely tribute to the natural world. Their work is a beautiful affirmation of the world beyond our computer screens.”

Southwestern Connecticut Chapter of the United Nations Association advocates for and educates about U.N. programs to preserve the environment. We encourage student + community building to address global warming and the myriad effects of climate change such as migration, famine, social upheaval and rising sea levels. Students are invited to creatively promote United Nations’ sustainable development goals, legal protections for nature, biodiversity preservation, findings of International Panel on Climate Change or related UN initiatives.