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Needs Clearing House Helps Homeless Veteran Get a Place of His Own

“This man served his country and now needed our help,” said Joe Kaliko of Needs Clearing House. “With Memorial Day next weekend, what better service to Russell to try to find him an apartment voucher to help with the rent; and for the Needs Clearing House to help pay for furniture for his new place. It’s payback time.” Continue Reading →

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Community Support for DiBlasi Family is Swift, Generous & Growing

The Greenwich community shared the story of Salvatore DiBlasi online and the outpouring of support was swift. In just over 24 hours $2,500 was raised, and the effort continues. Salvatore’s daughter Marisa traveled to Chicken Joe’s on Saturday to receive the check. “We’re usually the ones on the giving end,” she said. “It hurts him not to be able to support his family,” she added, referring to her father. Continue Reading →

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