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FRENCHY’S WINE ROAD: Wine Tasting Event at Christ Church Celebrates Spring at Last

Christ Episcopal Church hosted a wine and cheese tasting this past Friday evening at the Tomes-Higgins House on the Church’s campus.  Approximately 100 members of the congregation and 10 or so purveyors were in attendance.     Continue Reading →

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Frenchy’s Wine Road Detours to Four Nearby Craft Breweries

The market vacuum in lower Fairfield brought 4 new players onto the scene this summer. These breweries are emblematic of the subtle changes that are already re-defining craft beer in Connecticut: one part consolidation, another part corporatization, a dash of brand extension, and a continued move away from the most egregious (some might say heinous) IPA/DIPA/NEIPA dank-itude of craft brewing’s salad days. Continue Reading →

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Frenchy’s Wine Road: A Review of Two Nearby Breweries

The flagship beer at Yonkers Brewing Company, “the Yonkers 914” has become so popular that it is now sold in stores and restaurants throughout the Tri-State Area. The YBC has had to contract with a larger producer to make it at volume. The producer? A brewery all Nutmeggers know well: Two Roads Brewing Company of Stratford! Continue Reading →

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Frenchy’s Wine Road: A Special Tasting of Opus One

“The other day, my old boss, Randy Caravella of Post Wine & Spirits in Cos Cob, invited me to taste a bottle of Opus One. It was a very generous offer that I accepted immediately. Even in the wine business, it’s not often you get to taste Opus.” – Francois Steichen Continue Reading →

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