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Greenwich Health Dept: Kids, COVID, and Pregnant Women

“Although most children who become infected recover, the number of children very ill, hospitalized, being placed in ICUs, and dying has risen. This is a tragedy. Pediatric units and ICUs across the country are overwhelmed. Every child under 12 years in this country is unvaccinated…” – Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno, Greenwich Dept of Health Continue Reading →

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate Your Children against COVID: What are the Issues to consider?

“Our adult population in the country and in Connecticut remains under-vaccinated so we cannot attain herd immunity. The virus will continue to seek out our weakest links to survive. Please don’t let that be our children. I urge you to consider the facts and make your best judgement call.” – Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno, Public Health Promotion Specialist, Greenwich Department of Health Continue Reading →

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Vaccinations rates for Covid-19 are dropping. That is concerning.

“So what can alter our downward trajectory? This would be the COVID variants, the numbers of people in our area who choose not to mask or remain socially separated or to get vaccinated. As of yesterday, 36.6% of people in Connecticut were fully vaccinated and 53.5% have had one dose.” – Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno Continue Reading →

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