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Long COVID: Are you still be feeling the effects of your COVID-19 infection?

“How can we know if the symptoms we see and feel are truly long-term lingering COVID-19 symptoms or just newly emerging symptoms resulting from becoming infected with another SARS-CoV-2 variant? As a Greenwich Contact Tracer I’ve had many patients who had multiple episodes of COVID-19 infections. Many were vaccinated, far too many were not; most survived, but way too many were lost. Many recovered, but many of those just can’t seem to return to their prior states of health.” – Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno Continue Reading →

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Covid-19: Is the Second Booster Shot Right for You?

“The recommendation to get a second booster is very personal-risk-focused. It is important that we each know our risk levels as well as the risk levels of the people with whom we will be in contact.” – Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno, Greenwich Health Dept Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Public Health Guidance Changes For Many Reasons: And now Omicron

Now we have learned of a new emerged COVID mutation out of South Africa, Omicron, that may or may not have yet reached America. It could again alter guidance recommendations and has already changed travel guidance. We have no known cases of Omicron in America now, but increasing numbers of nations emerged on Sunday on the list of countries with newly found cases of this variant. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Health Dept: Kids, COVID, and Pregnant Women

“Although most children who become infected recover, the number of children very ill, hospitalized, being placed in ICUs, and dying has risen. This is a tragedy. Pediatric units and ICUs across the country are overwhelmed. Every child under 12 years in this country is unvaccinated…” – Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno, Greenwich Dept of Health Continue Reading →

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