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Greenwich Celebrates ADA’s 28th Anniversary at ADA Compliant Pool in Byram

Greenwich Free Press

This event was held at the new Byram Park Pool, which proudly accommodates people with all sorts of disabilities.

Every area of the pool has gradual entries for those who can’t properly utilize stairs, and there are mechanisms in place to assist those who need to be lifted in or out of each pool. The lifeguards and other staff are able to assist those in need. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Selectmen Ponder Rest Room Accessibility ahead of Chimes Building Restoration

“To build a $600,000 bathroom that not every resident in the town of Greenwich could take part in doesn’t make any sense… Of course it’s about the disabled, but it’s really about everybody too.” – Alan Gunzburg. Continue Reading →

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ADA 25th Anniversary Celebration Feted at Greenwich Town Hall

At Greenwich’s 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), First Selectman Peter Tesei declared July 27, 2015 Americans With Disabilities Day. The First Selectman’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities, a letter from United States Senator Richard Blumenthal, and a representative from Congressman Jim Himes’s office also made appearances. Happy birthday, ADA! Continue Reading →

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