Suspect Identified in GHS Threatening Incident

On Friday night Greenwich Police released a statement about the threatening incident at Greenwich High School on Thursday, saying detectives from the Special Victims Section had identified a suspect.

“The investigation revealed that a juvenile student from the school was responsible for the incident,” police said around 6:30pm.

The suspect, a minor, was referred to Bridgeport Juvenile Court on charges of Threatening 1, Criminal Mischief 3, and Breach of Peace.

“The investigation further revealed this was a single incident and no further threats or safety concerns have been identified,” police said, adding, “We want to recognize all the dedicated staff from Greenwich High School and Greenwich Schools, who assisted in bringing this to a swift conclusion.”

Police recognized students at GHS for their patience and fortitude in the past two day.

In an email to families on Friday evening, Greenwich Schools superintendent Dr. Toni Jones said the week had been a particularly challenging one – between the uptick in Covid cases and the threatening incident.

“Greenwich Schools wants to reiterate that there is nothing more important than the safety and security of our students and staff,” she wrote. “We are grateful to live in a caring community with outstanding resources and support, ranging from health-related services to our invaluable Greenwich Police Department.”

Jones said tha Greenwich Police maintained a half a dozen police personnel inside and outside of Greenwich High School on Friday, including plainclothes detectives.

“For those of you with children on social media, we encourage you to have a discussion about the responsible use of social media and the need to report immediately if they see something which is disturbing,” Jones wrote. “After our investigation, it appears that a social media post was being circulated almost 30 minutes before GHS administration were notified. Students were upset and teachers had no idea what was happening. Please reinforce the saying, ‘If you see something, say something.’” 

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