Summer 2015 at GHS: No Programs, No Sports, Fields Closed

Summer work at Greenwich High School means the campus is entirely closed to the public.

Over the summer there are no student or staff programs scheduled, no sports activities scheduled, and all fields are closed.

Work has begun in the west parking lot, which will be expanded in accordance with plans for the Music Instruction Space Auditorium (MISA) project. According to a statement from Greenwich Schools released on Friday, July 3, expansion is intended to improve parking lot congestion and allow bus traffic to flow through this parking lot.

This summer there will be limited excavation and disposal of impacted soil, with resurfacing and striping of the back portion of the parking lot. Stockpiled soil currently placed between the existing parking limits and athletic fields #3 and #4 will be relocated and used for regrading. This stockpiled soil is suitable for use on-site, and is to be used for future remediation activities.


Also planned is work on site utilities for storm water collection and detention structures. Parking lot lighting will also be installed.

The work at GHS will wrap up by August 26, to allow fall sports and school activities to be resumed as normal.

The update from Greenwich Schools addresses safety. Environmental studies including human health risk were done in accordance with Federal EPA guidelines. As a result it was determined that the cleanup measures in fall 2012 when surface soil was removed from several areas around the athletic fields were “protective.” In other words, impacted areas were removed and no new impacted surface areas were found, according to the statement released Friday July 3 from Greenwich Schools. Both Federal and State regulators have been involved throughout the study and the Risk Assessment.

The statement goes on to say, “The remaining impacts that will be addressed in future cleanup actions at the Site are located beneath the surface, where people are not coming in contact with the material.”

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