GHS Club Fair Sparks New Beginnings For 2019-2020 School Year

Colorful posters and passionate students filled the student center this Wednesday, the day before the school opens to all for the 2019-2020 school year. Freshman and new students were guided with the aid of upperclassmen, shown a perspective of the school that only fellow students could help them experience. While Greenwich High School shines in many ways, one thing stuck out in the day’s routine: the annual club fair.

The club fair, which is always accessible to those who run clubs and new students who want to join, provides a gateway between club creators and passionate students. From video games to support groups, there is something for everyone to be a part of and find themselves. This year, students and teachers had something to say about this significant aspect of Greenwich High School culture.

Rachel Kessler, a long-time member of the Greenwich High School drama club, greeted potential new members with a smile and abundance of enthusiasm at the Greenwich High School club fair on Wednesday.

“Theater is such a supportive environment,” the rising senior said. “You can get into anything you want – costumes, makeup, set design, acting, writing – anything you think you can do. You will find your place,” she said. “We just get more people we can bring into our environment during club fair, and they can have a taste of what the club is like.”

The club stuck out of the crowd with five of the theater members ready to answer any questions students had prepared.

Skyler McDonnell standing in front of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance poster. Photo: Jordan Paris

Skyler McDonnell standing in front of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance poster. Photo: Jordan Paris

Neighboring the theater club, harboring a table chock full of rainbows and assortments of goodies, was the the Gender and Sexuality Alliance made an appearance.

Club member Skyler McDonnell along with other club members Ari Ceppi, Kaja Tully, and Jordan Paris, praised the long-time club for its supportive environment and fun opportunities.

“It’s a really open and accepting place. The club fair helps expose students to the possible clubs at the high school, we have nearly a hundred active clubs and it’s difficult to get the word out about everyone,” Skyler said. “Even if you don’t decide to join that day, you have options for the future.”

Not only did students have great things to say and talk about on this special day at the high school, but teachers praised the event as well.

Lee Bowbeer, a social worker in Bella House and attendant to the Stress Less Club at the high school, welcomes the club fair every year with open arms. “Club fair is super important because there are so many things to do and they keep students active, busy, and having fun,” Bowbeer said.

GHS club fair. Aug 28, 2019 Photo: Jordan Paris

The event ended with the halls dotted with students carrying handouts, posters, candies, and other assortments of reminders of the annual high school experience.

Any individual who wants access to the club list for Greenwich High School year of 2019-2020 can find it here.