Greenwich Police Prioritize Services to Critical to Public Safety during the COVID-19 Crisis

The Greenwich Police Dept is altering how non-emergency calls for service are handled in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

These measures are designed to minimize exposure to officers while trying to maintain the standard of high quality service to the Greenwich community.

Nothing will change in response to emergency or 911 calls for service.

The Greenwich Police Department will continue to provide the same professional and expert response the residents of Greenwich have come to expect.

However, residents may notice the some temporary changes as to how police deliver services during the COVID-19 crisis.

“A police officer may not be sent to your location to take a complaint about a non-emergency, non-violent, or past event,” Police said in a statement on Wednesday. “Instead, a Public Safety Dispatcher will gather basic information from you when you call and then advise you that a police officer will shortly call you back for follow up investigation.”

Police say if an officer needs to come to the resident’s location, they will attempt to have all contact outside in order to maintain proper social distancing.

They say that this temporary procedure will not have any effect on the report documentation or further investigation.

When within close social distances with an officer, the officer may be wearing a face mask and or eye protection.

“We are not reducing the number of officers patrolling the Town of Greenwich,” the Police Dept said. “However, the officers assigned to traffic direction on Greenwich Ave will be re-deployed to headquarters to handle the non-emergency calls for service,  to provide a marked patrol in the Central Greenwich business district and to backfill other requirements.”

“We will continue to provide superior law enforcement services,” Police said. “These adjustments are only temporary as we are prioritizing services that are critical to public safety during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“We are in this together and we will continue to be here for all your public safety matters,” Police said, asking residents to continue to practice social distancing.

Visit the Town of Greenwich website for updated information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).