Greenwich Police Court Liaison Officer William “Beans” Romanello Retires

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Chief of Police James Heavey announced the retirement of Court Liaison Officer William “Beans” Romanello, who completed 33 years of service with the Greenwich Police Department. His retirement was effective September 1, 2014

Court Officer Romanello was born and raised in Greenwich and graduated from Greenwich High

School. Prior to his appointment as a Police Officer, he was employed as a Town of Greenwich Summer Beach Special and was a volunteer Special Police Officer. He was also previously employed by the Greenwich Police Department as a civilian Police Dispatcher.

On October 20, 1980 Court Officer Romanello was sworn in as a Greenwich Police Officer and graduated from the 157th session of the Connecticut Municipal Police Basic Police Academy. Romanello’s assignments included Patrol Officer, Police Dispatcher (1995) and Court Officer (1998)

Court Officer Romanello has received numerous departmental commendations for excellent police work and actions exemplifying the finest traditions of police service. His commendations were for a wide array of incidents reflecting the diverse nature of services provided by the Greenwich Police Department; robbery apprehensions, VIP security details, as well as outstanding medical assistance. Court Officer Romenello’s greatest strength has always been in the area of the police Communication Center.

Throughout his long career his expertise would be channeled back to the Communication Center no matter what his current assignment might have been. Court Officer Romanello would maintain his certification as trainer and throughout his career provided innumerable hours of training for Police Officers and communication specialists assigned to the Communications Center. He received several Chief’s Commendations for dispatching excellence as well as several letters from a grateful public for his calm professionalism and compassion. His expertise in the dispatch center would be called upon by the department’s administrators in 1992 when he was asked to author a modern Enhanced 911 Communications Center Policy.

In 1998 Officer Romanello was advanced to the Court Liaison Officer’s position. The position requires the ability to manage not only the intricate policies and procedures of the Connecticut Judicial System but also those of surrounding states. As the liaison, Court Officer Romanello’s affable nature coupled with his competence and professional demeanor allowed him to easily navigate the extensive network of courts and correctional facilities at the State and Federal levels throughout the Northeast.

“Beans is a people person and he will be missed in the day to day operations of the department. He always looked at police work as a way to give back to the community. Beans started his police career as a volunteer Special Police Officer and will return to that volunteer role as a Special Police Officer once again. We are fortunate that we will be able to continue to tap into his deep institutional knowledge. I wish him luck in his new career.”- James Heavey, Chief of Police