Greenwich Emergency Services Kept Busy with Black Ice on Sunday

Sunday morning’s hazardous ice event in Greenwich kept Greenwich Police, DPW Highway Division and GEMS busy all morning.

An automated call from Captain Mark Kordick went out to residents warning about temperatures hovering around 32° with rain freezing as it hit the ground.

“Many roads, especially bridges are icy. Decks, walkways, patios, especially outside stairs may only appear to be wet, but can be frozen, icy and very dangerous,” Kordick warned.

On Monday, Lt. Kraig Gray released a statement summing up the Town’s emergency response. According to Gray, there were ten motor vehicle accidents with injuries, all of which were relatively minor. In addition there were 18 motor vehicle accidents with no injuries.

A total of six vehicles were disabled due to road conditions, and 19 casualty calls, though not all were weather-related. Throughout the morning, the police dispatch center received a huge volume of calls from residents seeking information.

Lastly, there were four miscellaneous weather-related calls related to minor scenarios involving tree branches, for example.

Gray said one officer suffered a knee injury while assisting GEMS and carrying a medical patient on a stretcher. The officer slipped on the ice, but was able to remain in service and complete his shift.