What’s Happening up at Whitby? Afternoons of Enrichment

whitby the hamsterWhile on any given school day in Greenwich, traffic bunches up in predictable spots. At schools all over Town, idling cars wait at dismissal to collect children and usher them to activities and sports programs. The routine can be maddening.

happiest boyUp at Whitby School, however, afternoons are full of enrichment and students need not leave campus.

When the bell rings a fleet of instructors with guitars, chess kits and literally bags of magic tricks supplement school staff for a wave of after school offerings.

The school provides everyone a healthy snack and the atmosphere is upbeat as children rush to the programming they have picked based depending on their interests.

magicAnd important part of Whitby School’s mission is to provide co-curricular programing, including choice-based offerings that complement the curriculum while supporting families who want an extension to the academic day. Offerings include intramural sports, enrichment classes, theater and music opportunities, as well as a host of clubs and electives.

film girls

On a recent afternoon, Mark Greenstein, founder of Kids Corner, and his band of instructors greeted students at dismissal time. Through Kids Corner, Whitby sources an array of supplemental instructors including magic & fun science lessons with Mark Goldstein, film instruction with Drew Lanthier and Robotics with Nate Repasz.


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captivated by magic

Kids Corner offers an array of enrichment activities and instructors who travel to area schools. They also send instructors to birthday parties and provide tutoring/homework help.

Kids Corner was founded by Mark Greenstein who also founded and serves as the Academic Director of Ivy Bound Test Prep & Academic Tutoring.

Tel. (860) 899-7733 or (860) 899-9110 Email [email protected]

Whitby School is located at 969 Lake Ave in Greenwich. Tel. (203) 869-8464.


Kids Corner founder Mark Greenstein with students at Whitby School at the start of the afternoon of enrichment activities. Credit: Leslie Yager

film class

Kids Corner film instructor Drew Lanthier with Whitby Students on a recent afternoon of enrichment at the Lake Ave campus. Credit: Leslie Yager

magic smile magic trickmagic trick, tap tap

eager, hands raised film group

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