Teen Night on July 8 to Foster Positive Interactions with Youth 13+ and Greenwich Police

Building on Greenwich Police Dept’s relationships with community partners who serve Greenwich youth, Greenwich Police and several community groups are partnering to host a teen night in the Arch Street Teen center on Friday, July 8.

The event will run from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and is open to those age 13+.

There will be a DJ and music, food and ice cream. Both the teen center and skate park will be open. There will also be volley ball, and much more.

Police say that events like this in the past have been great at building and strengthening the relationship between the police department and Greenwich youth.

The goal is to create positive interactions that influence how young people perceive law enforcement, because for many Greenwich youth, their first encounter with anything justice-related, whether in school, their neighborhoods, or social service settings, is with an officer from the Greenwich Police Department.

Research shows that positive interactions with police are predictive of positive attitudes toward the police, and negative interactions are predictive of negative attitudes.

The Greenwich Police Department strive to make sure their officers are the example of what a 21st Century Police Department looks like.

In addition to educating and training Greenwich Police Officers on creating positive contacts with our youth, it is also essential to teach them how to effectively interact with police officers. These lessons do not always have to take place in a classroom.

The Arch Street Teen Center is located at 100 Arch Street.