Sleep Deprived Teens? Tuesday Brings School Start-Time Online Survey and a Panel Discussion

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Greenwich Schools are launching an online survey to gauge the level of interest in a delayed school start time at Greenwich Schools. The survey will go to parents, school staff district-wide and students grades 8 through 12 on Tuesday.

“If school start times change at the high school, they have to change district wide,” said Superintendent McKersie at the April 23 Board of Education meeting. “I’ve heard clearly this interest. We’ve been initially working on this at the high school level with Chris Winters and the Wellness Committee,” he said. “It’s now clear this is a district-wide issue.”

The survey deadline is June 5. The goal is to have a report on the level of interest in the community delivered to the Board of Education by September.

“Most communities that have done this, takes a couple years to get there.  I anticipate, if, there’s going to be a change in school start time, we’re looking at the year 2017 or 2018 because there’s budget issues, contract issues, a whole set of issues,” McKersie said.

On the topic of teen sleep issues and school start time, a panel discussion on the possibility of a delayed school start time in Greenwich is scheduled for Tuesday May 26 at 7:00pm. The panel will take place at 7:00pm at Central Middle School and is being organized by the PTA Council Health & Wellness Committee and the panel includes:

  • Dominic Roca, MD, of the CT Sleep Center at Stamford Hospital
  • Marcie Schneider, MD of Greenwich Adolescent Medicine
  • Lisa Bogan, a parent from Wilton where school start times were changed in 2003
  • William McKersie, Superintendent of Greenwich Schools
  • Chris Winters, Greenwich High School Headmaster

Greenwich Public Schools is distributing a survey before the end of the school year to all parents, high school students, middle school students and all staff to gauge community interest in exploring a later start time. Please come and educate yourself about this important issue.

The forum is Tuesday, May 26 at 7:00 pm in the Central Middle School auditorium.

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