PHOTOS: Sound Beach Fire Department Memorial Day Parade

Bright sunshine warmed the annual Old Greenwich Memorial Day parade on Monday, as parade-goers of all ages lined Sound Beach Ave, applauding veterans and scrambling for generous amounts of candy that parade marchers tossed into the crowds.

Volunteer firefighters, policemen, Scouts and many other excited marchers came to show their support.

Residents arrived early to pick their spot along Sound Beach Avenue for an up-close view of parade participants.

After the parade, a ceremony was held in Binney Park to honor veterans for their service, and remember all those who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom.



The Floyd Family all set and ready for the parade. Credit: Asher Almonacy


Members of First Congregational Church celebrating their 350th anniversary. Credit: Asher Almonacy


Curvin Lovejoy with Meredith, Henry and Teddy. Credit: Asher Almonacy


Volunteer Firefighters from left to right: Nick Cesarini, Patrick Rooney, and Sara Defazio. Credit: Asher Almonacy

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