Next for the Wrecking Ball in Greenwich: Corner Lot on Milbank

88 Milbank Ave.

88 Milbank Ave.

After a winter lull the demolition applications are picking up again, with downtown a main area of focus.

Last week a row of houses on Milbank between Agnes Morley Heights and Havemeyer were all posted for demolition.

Now an application has been submitted by Michael and Susannah Sung to the Dept of Public Works Buildings division to demolish a home at 88 Milbank Ave.

The 3,924 sq ft two family house (main house and attached cottage) was built in 1910.

The two family house is located in the R6 zone, is located at the corner of Lexington Ave, down the block from 10 Lexington which is also posted for demolition.

88 Milbank Ave.

88 Milbank Ave.

The house sold from Thomas Augustus Rourke to the Sungs on Oct 10, 2019 for $1,350,000.

Start date of the 45 mandatory day wait period for demolition was Feb 20, 2020.

First date permit is eligible for issuance is April 5, 2020.

Because the home was built before 1940, a written letter of objection submitted to the Building Division of DPW will trigger an additional 45 day stay of demolition.

Further information concerning this pending application may be obtained by contacting the DPW-Division of Buildings 203-622-7754

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