Next for the Wrecking Ball in Greenwich: Multiple Buildings in Downtown

An application has been submitted from 189 Davis Avenue LLC to demolish five structures at that address:

• an apartment building built in 1908

• two single family buildings – one built in 1858 and one in 1900

• a detached garage built in 1930

• a barn that dates back to 1900

The demolitions are part of a development project for which a final site plan and special permit for 3 through-lots connecting LeGrande Ave to Davis Ave were approved in 2013.

The project has received approval twice for timeline extensions.

The first extension was approved June 2016 when the P&Z commission granted a 3-year extension to start construction by July 30, 2019 and a 5-year extension to complete the work by July 30, 2021.

More recently, in January 2021, the P&Z commission approved a second extension of time to finish construction to July 30, 2023, reflecting the maximum time allowed for extension, per Sec. 6-14.1.2.

Demolition timeline:

Start of the 45 day wait was August 21, 2021

End of the 45 Day wait is October 4, 2021

First Day Permit eligible is Oct 5, 2021

Because all the structures were built before 1940, a written letter of objection submitted to the Building Division of DPW will trigger an additional 45 day stay of demolition.

Further information concerning this pending application may be obtained by contacting the DPW-Division of Buildings 203-622-7754