Next for the Wrecking Ball: 1889 Greenwich Landmark, William W Richards House in Belle Haven

66 glenwood

Down in Belle Haven, 66 Glenwood Drive, a single family residence built in 1889, is posted for demolition. The owner, “66 Glenwood Drive, LLC” is Registered to Matthew and Jolie Johnson.

According to paperwork filed in the Building Dept, the value of the demolition is estimated at $35,000.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.18.07 PMAs this house predates 1940, any objection to the demolition filed in writing to Bill Marr, Building Official at Greenwich Town Hall, 101 Field Point Rd within 45 days, will extend the waiting period an additional 45 days.

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  • Anne Martine Cook

    Hi Leslie,
    Another outrageously horrible idea, to wreck this beautiful house. The cluelessness of those crazy about the wild demolition of the town’s most beautiful spots is so astonishing and sickening. Why buy this house? Why not buy a lot somewhere or take down a hideous house that is in disrepair? How about living in another town ? The continued interest and acceptance of demolishing gorgeous buildings is so deeply sad and disturbing.
    Thank you Leslie for telling us about this.

  • Jon Tracy

    I alws thought landmarks such as this property that have the designation were not allowed to be knocked down… I guess that is no longer valid

  • greenwichfreepress

    No, John, the landmark plaque doesn’t protect the house. There was one on the John Knapp House last year too.

  • Ginny Waters

    I think we’d see a lot less of this if permitting fees and increased tax revenue didn’t net the town such a financial windfall. Greenwich needs to realize that each swing of the wrecking ball demolishes another part of its history and charm.

  • Frank

    You’re right Ginny. It’s the same reason Tesei and Marzullo allowed only a slight increase with out-of-town beach fees. It’s all about the revenue, wherever the can get it and no matter how it affects the quality of life for Greenwich residents. I guess you get what you vote for.

  • suzanne

    Greenwich has long since stopped caring about it’s already obsolete history. Quite sad and might as well do away with landmarks as they have no true value nor sustainability. Pretty much defeats their purpose.

  • Celeste Beaver

    Although I respect the history of this home and it’s presence, we don’t own this home. Nor do we, as town residents, occupy it. We don’t deal with it’s lack of insulation, out dated plumbing, nor pay it’s outrageous heating costs. There are 2 sides to every coin people. Try to be less judgemental and open your minds.

    • Celeste, I agree with you 100%. Many of these homes require plumbing and electrical work along with many other repairs to bring them up to code. The cost would be exorbitant. Doesn’t the property have a right to sell? Do Greenwich folks expect the town to purchase these very old and very beautiful homes? And then do what with them? I agree it is a shame to see them being demolished but who has an alternative?

  • Frank

    Many of these homes require plumbing and electrical work along with many other repairs to bring them up to code? The cost would be exorbitant? How much does it cost to demolish an old house and build a new one from scratch in this town? I’m guessing it’s a bit cheaper to do the upgrades but then again what would the local contractors do without the ultra-rich with no taste?

  • Tom

    Do people actually drive down to Belle Haven to admire this house? While I’m sure it will be replaced with some ostentatious monstrocity, will its disappearance really affect people who live miles away on some direct and personal level? I think not.