Julian Curtiss Students Demonstrate: Letting Go of Problems is the Best Strategy


Mr. Librandi’s fifth grade students at Julian Curtiss School got a lesson in coping with stress and problems on Thursday, which was Let Go and Move On Day in Greenwich Public Schools.

In the classroom, Mr. Librandi asked the children about different strategies to exercise mindfulness. They discussed use of positive thinking, muscle relaxation, visualization and the importance of sharing feelings with someone you trust, whether a parent, teacher or friend.

The students discussed the importance of unburdening negative feelings in a positive way, because the more a person holds onto those unpleasant emotions, the more they build up. “Like a heavy backpack,” one student said.

Librandi let goThe conversation about mindfulness included mindful eating, mindful moving – slowing down and appreciating experiences in the moment.

Another strategy the children discussed was thankfulness. “It doesn’t just have to be on Thanksgiving,” one student suggested. “You could stop and be thankful for your family, your teachers, your friends and your house.”

Then, outside on the front lawn, Mr. Librandi demonstrated what happens when you don’t let go of your problems and they accumulate. The tug of war may have been a fun, obvious metaphor, but it will be one the students remember when it counts!

“Keep Calm. Let Go and Move on Day” was but one day district-wide that students focus on the District norms: Be Here. Be Safe. Be Honest. Care for Self and Others. Let Go and Move On.

let go

tug builds up

Librandi class Librandi let go Librandi tug Librandi tug 2 Librandis



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