What’s Happening at Holly Hill: dump permits, Goodwill trailer, food scraps, book shed

Since July 1, Holly Hill resource recovery facility, aka the dump, had required residents to have a permit, which comes in the form of a pink hangtag that hooks behind a rearview mirror.

The best way to get your hang tag is to go online. Click here, then click on the BUY NOW button. The permits are just $25, though the Board of Selectmen said they plan to revisit the fee as they suspect it is too low.

The permit applications take some time to process, but residents who are waiting for their hang tag to arrive in the mail can show their PAID receipt to get into the facility.

“We don’t want to discourage people from coming down to do the right thing,” said Patrick Collins, superintendent of Holly Hill, who has been receiving calls from people who want to bring down items including appliances, yard debris and food scraps, but haven’t received their permit in the mail yet.

“The food scraps program is increasingly popular and going very well with resident drop-offs,” Collins added.

At a recent visit to the food scrap bins, which are located by the main trash building, residents were emptying their scraps straight from their containers into the bins without compostible plastic bags.

One recycler discovered if food stays in the compostable bag too long the bag begins to break down and the food falls out the bottom. “Why not just empty the bucket into the bin,” she asked. Food for thought.

To get started with a kit which includes a countertop pail, transportation bin and compostable bags email [email protected]

A food scrap container lined with a compostable bag.

In other Holly Hill news, the Goodwill trailer located in the recycling area has reopened as of Monday, July 20. However, donations are limited to textiles including clothing, linens, shoes and pocketbooks.

Lastly, the update on the book shed is bittersweet. The volunteer run book swap will remain closed until the pandemic is over, though there is a hope that volunteers might install a box for donations only. Stay tuned.

Holly Hill is open to residents with permits during the pandemic, and workers are deemed essential, but please be patient coming into the facility and remember your social distancing.

Saturdays have been very busy at the dump. If you must come on a Saturday, come early to avoid longer lines. The facility opens at 7:00am and closes are 12:00 noon on Saturdays. It’s ideal to time your visit on the early side on a Saturday, or visit during the week.

Line to get into the residential portion of Holly Hill. The dump opens at 7:00am, and there tend not to be lines early in the morning. Photo: Leslie Yager