Pre-Application for 31-Unit 8-30g in Chickahominy Submitted to Greenwich P&Z

A new pre-application for an 8-30g affordable housing development on at 25-27 Oak Ridge Street has been submitted to the town’s Planning & Zoning Dept.

Per the Assessor’s office at Greenwich Town Hall, 25 Oak Ridge Street sold from Sutton Real Estate LLC to Newfield Properties LLC on May 4, 2023 for $1,100,000.

27 Oak Ridge Street sold in February of 2020 from Dragon 27 Oak Ridge LLC to Newfield Properties LLC for $1,062,888.

Joseph A Pecora is the owner’s rep for Newfield Properties, LLC, the property owner.

According to the Secretary of the State website, Newfield Properties LLC is registered to Elidon Amiti of Stamford.

Front of 27 Oak Ridge Street

Back of 27 Oak Ridge Street

Front of 25 Oak Ridge Street.

Rear of 25 Oak Ridge Street.

The application is for 31 units, which will replace three structures to be demolished, for a three-story building with eight one-bedroom units and 23 one-bedroom units.

Seven of ten 21 units would be rented to individuals or families at 80% Area Median Income (AMI). The residential community would be considered “assisted housing” under the State’s CGS 8-30g affordable housing statute.

Per the application narrative the existing houses are in the R-6 zone, which today is limited to two-family houses, but CGS 8-30g exempts affordable housing developments from local zoning except in rare cases of health had safety.

The properties have access to and are currently served by both town water and sewer.

The building at 25 Oak Ridge was built in 1922. It is a grandfathered 3-family home, and has a two-car garage.

The home at 27 Oak Ridge was built in 1929 and also has a grandfathered 3-family home.

Per the narrative the “properties contain 14+/- on site parking spaces  (2 garage spaces and 12 random outdoor spaces) including 0 ADA Compliant parking spaces.”

The proposed multi-family residential community would be comprised of one 46,194 sq ft three-story building.

“The applicant reserves any and all rights to convert these rental units within the residential community from the presently proposed rental community to a ‘for  sale’ community thereby converting the ownership component of the residential use from rental to ownership through sale.”

The development is proposed to have an on-site driveway system with associated parking and full-service access via Oak Ridge Street.

Its internal driveway and on-site parking will be private.

“The stormwater management system HAS NOT YET BEEN designed to address stormwater quality and quantity,” the applicant says in their narrative.

Deed covenants will restrict the units, referred to as ‘housing opportunity units,’ or ‘mixed-income units’ for a period of 40 years, not in perpetuity.

The application has yet to be scheduled for a P&Z commission meeting.

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Streetscape looking south.

Photo of streetscape looking north.

40 Oak Ridge Street, which is across the street from 25 Oak Ridge Street.

48 Oak Ridge Street which is across the street from 25 Oak Ridge Street.