Perfect Provinance P&Z Pre Application Seeks to Change Retail Food Biz to 22 Seat Restaurant

While a block away Little Beet Table has closed on Greenwich Avenue, a new P&Z pre application from the Perfect Provenance at the corner of Grigg and Arch Street seeks to convert their retail food business to a restaurant.

Currently the business, located in a vintage house dating back to 1912 is permitted as a retail food establishment, limited to 12 seats. The12 seat bistro-style “Café 47” is known for its French and American cuisine.

Today, given the pandemic, the café is open for take out and limited indoor and outdoor dining.

Inside The Perfect Provenance is Café 47. Photo: Leslie Yager
Inside The Perfect Provenance is Café 47. February 2019. Photo: Leslie Yager

The café opened in tandem with a retail shop featuring an assortment of gifts, books, jewelry, men’s and women’s designer fashion, artwork, antiques and home décor.

With the pre application, the Perfect Provenance proposes to increase seating to 22 seats.

A special permit is required to establish a restaurant in the CGB Zone. According to the narrative in the pre application, by converting to the business from retail food establishment to restaurant status with approval for over 20 seats (they are requesting 22), the Perfect Provenance will be eligible for an on-premises liquor permit from the State Liquor Control Division. While operating as Café 47 it is limited to a BYOB option with a corking fee. (See 6-194)

The key ask in the pre application is for P&Z to modify the parking requirements for a restaurant with 22 seats to operate similarly to restaurants on Greenwich Avenue in the CGBR Zone, where they are exempt from parking requirements.

According to the pre application narrative, similar to Greenwich Avenue restaurants, the Perfect Provenance would continue to have a large portion of their clientele arrive on foot.

Also, the building at 47 Arch Street is surrounded by three different municipal lots within1,000 feet of the property: the Board of Education North Lot, Soundview Avenue Lot, and Grigg Street Lot.

The Perfect Provenance at 47 Arch Street. February 2019. Photo: Leslie Yager